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OOR Magazine (Holland’s biggest Music Mag) You will be surprised by the astonishing beauty of the best tracks, Ute’s multi-faceted Vocals (who besides singing also plays violin, keyboards, programs and arranges) and the Inventive instrumentation. Isn’t that beautiful? The CD certainly is.

Volkskrant (National newspaper). Passion Flower is Ute’s beautiful new way of expressing her unique style. Producer Osadzinski provides her dreamy melancholic lyrics with transparent instrumentations, leaving space for her sensual voice. Triphop and drum În bass are the cornerstones of Passion Flower’s sound. Because of Ute’s slight german accent and the romantic desire in her lyrics, “Shine in your Own Light” conjures up an atmosphere reminiscent of Marlene Dietrich and Berlin in the twenties and thirties. (online MP3 mag) Passion Flower delivers alluring and provocative dance music with a beautiful-voiced singer whose range begins in a low register, all sultry and detached like a latter-day Nico, then departs for the soprano skies like her voice never left them. The songs delve into triphopâs downtempo realm, then pounce on you with fast breakbeats.

Basic Groove (music mag) The debut album of Passion Flower contains 13 songs, varying from downtempo and positively spooky (reminiscent of Massive Attacks Mezzanine album) to sparkling drum and bass like we know from Locust. Ute’s voice has the range of an opera singer, but can also sound boyish, like in the moving closing track, “Transylvanian Lullaby”. The violins in “Freefall” and “No Ordinary Life” Are enchanting. Each track has the potential to become a personal favourite-it’s a question of timing and mood. “Shine in your Own Light” is a fascinating tribute to life and love.

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