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Ute was born on the 24th of July on the island Lindau on Lake of Constance, Germany. At an early age she began to love music and  gave her first public performance on a piccolo recorder when she was 4 years old. Soon after that she started to play the soprano and alt version of the instrument as well as the piano and the flute. She had been taking piano lessons for about a year, when a secret passion was growing stronger in her mind. The violin.  A course of 10 years of classical violin studies including extensive music theory followed, after which she delved into the fields of world music and the art of improvising, when she moved to England for a year and after that to The Netherlands.

During her academic studies in Amsterdam, Holland (Master of Sciences, faculty of Psychology, 1 honors degree) she continued developing her musical skills as a performer and composer. The requests for stage performances in clubs and on private events started to boom soon after she had attained her degree. As an undercover psychologist she toured with an ambient formation through Europe, improvising on the violin and flute and several world instruments.Ute then also started to compose music across various genres and write and sing songs with a classical and cinematic touch. She decided that music was the best form of therapy she could offer the world, as its message and potential effectiveness goes beyond the boundaries of language, culture, thought and belief. She was touring with different groups, as a guest as well as with her own work and her band Passion Flower. Her first CD ‘Shine in your own light’ was first distributed by Sonic Rendezvous in 2000. The song “In Your Eyes” appeared on compilations and in top positions of the first download charts. Her electric violin sound on top of her own repertoire or together with a Dj started to be a desired combination that grabbed the attention of a steadily growing audience until she became a violin sensation on her current light emitting transparent 5 string electric violin. She soon played all over Europe as well as in Africa and the middle east, vibrantly combining classical tunes with modern beats, from laid back lounge to disco/club/house/trance. Playing along with Dj’s as well as bringing her own repertoire, she tailors her music to any occasion, from classical tunes with mellow beats for the sophisticated events to wild tunes and beats for the club night occasions. She performed in Clubs like Pasha (Munich), Rex (Paris) and the Supperclub (Amsterdam) and  played VIP events in London, Paris, Copenhagen, Berlin, Hamburg, Düsseldorf, Munich, Vienna, Budapest, Verona, Marrakech, Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Moskow, Kiev and Zürich. Some of her performance highlights are: Louis Vuitton (Barcelona), Georg Jensen (Copenhagen), the Royal Palace in Amsterdam (Prince Bernhard Fonds), UN celebrations (Palais Liechtenstein, Vienna), the wedding anniversary of Prince Maurits and Princess Marileen of the Netherlands, Otazu, Marka (Istanbul), the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam (Museum Night, Rembrandt Foundation) and Sensation White (Wicked Wonderland Tour, Amsterdam Arena, Düsseldorf, Kopenhagen).

In 2011 Ute composed the songs for the Dutch musical “De Nieuwe Ijstijd” (100 jaar Maarten Toonder), which went into premiere in January 2012 in the Oude Luxor Theatre in Rotterdam under attendance of her Majesty Queen Beatrix. She is also organizing inspirational events and charity concerts with her slogan “Tune into peace – Violins beat violence”.

2015 Ute released the album “BORN FOR LOVE” by Passion Flower, a collection of songs touching upon the themes of (self)love and empathy, which is available on Bandcamp, iTunes and Spotify. The songs are traveling across various genres and moods, from indie Rock to electronic, from celtic to cinematic. In cooperation with Future Sound Amsterdam she recently released her violin album COVER ME by Ute Passionflower (2016), also available on iTunes, Spotify and Bandcamp.

Ute has starred in an English spoken Dutch film (The Scarlet Seduction, VPRO) and has done numerous voice overs amongst which for C&A Europe, Zeeman Germany, TomTom, Little Cars and Lexus. Her children’s fantasy story “Lila und der Sternenprinz – ein Sternschnuppenabenteuer” is available digitally on request. It tells the story of a creative little girl on an internal Odyssey, a spiritual adventure.

Holding a master’s degree in psychology with additional experience in meditation and visualization techniques, Ute recently felt inspired to combine her knowledge in the field of music and mind to develop her project “Tuning The Body-Mind-Matrix”. In october 2016 she introduced her vision and ideas in a performance and speech on TEDx Amsterdam Women in the Concertgebouw in Amsterdam. Click here to watch Ute on TEDx.

She is offering keynote concerts, tailored compositions, violin & vocal performances and workshops.

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Ute Passiondlower shining more light into supperclub Amsterdam tonight, 9.30pm

Live violin and laser spectacle

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